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The full story about  NEW VILLAGE

In early 2022, we bought 20 hectares of land in Tanzania.

With the help of the worldwide based professional eco village builders, we have built an off grid life from scratch - using only locally sourced materials.


We design and create

our own buildings, landscape, and the infrastructure of the village by ourselves.

A well provides us with water.

The solar panels supply electricity.

Fallen tree branches are used to make fire for cooking.

We source

our food by going fishing, foraging, and growing our own vegetables and fruits.

Also our chickens lay eggs each day.

And most importantly, the local Tanzanian people are here with us, and show us how to live off grid.




We construct.

Our buildings are created using only locally sourced materials.

Also we develop only up to 10% of the land we own - the rest is left for the natural ecology.


We repair.

Using locally sourced material for buildings means that we can repair them promptly. 

Without the need for importing unnecessary materials.

386A2963 2_edited.jpg

We grow.

We are planting trees for our construction needs in the future,

which will allow us to be self sustainable.

With this incredible set up, we are looking further ahead - creating a community in which we can live without using money, hoping it can be part of the answer to the post capitalism world.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions!

IF YOU are interesteD...

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